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                SL6000 Series Wind Turbine

                Product overview

                SL5000/SL6000 series wind turbine adopts mature and reliable double-fed technology and compact drive train; based on SL3000 offshore experience, this series wind turbine has also applied many patents like large components self-maintenance, anti-salt corrosion. Rotor diameter 128/155m and hub height 100/110m, applicable to the installation requirements of onshore, offshore and intertidal. This series wind turbine has passed GL and CGC certification with safety and reliability at international level.

                Unique self-maintenance system makes large component (gearbox, generator etc) replacements possible without large-scale installation vessel;

                Technologies including multi-stage filtration system and temperature & humidity control are applicable to marine atmosphere and bring better anticorrosion performance;

                Compact drive train and load distribution technologies efficiently distribute the load and power transmission and improve turbine reliability and life time;

                Hydraulic support for gearbox has the advantage of good vibration reduction with simple and reliable structure;

                Single-line lubrication system for main bearing, pitch bearing and yaw bearing has the advantage of well lubrication and reliability;

                Reliable nature air cooling system for gearbox and generator has the advantage of less power consumption, noise and maintenance;

                inside the foundation platform. This layout has minimum vibration to the equipment with convenient maintenance;

                Leading technologies including offshore load optimization and control, anti-typhoon control strategy and turbine operation and control under complicated marine environment significantly reduce the turbine load and improve turbine reliability;

                Wind farm and turbine monitoring system with online detection, fault diagnosis and customization makes real time monitoring and advance warning; Smart operation & maintenance are achieved with less maintenance cost;

                Smart technologies including pitch control, fine yaw control, soft cut-out control, adaptive energy acquisition and grid connection optimization control maximize power generation and environment suitability and bring maximum profit ability;

                Leading technologies including smart fault self-diagnosis and operational optimization, sharing information with the neighboring turbines, program upgrading, turbine commissioning and fault eliminating bring to customer better reliability and maximum availability;

                Big data and cloud platform for turbine operation and maintenance data analysis makes automatic and smart operation and maintenance of the wind farm.

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