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                Sinovel Wind Group Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Stock Exchange: 601558) is the first Chinese high-tech enterprise to have specialized in the independent development, design, manufacturing and sale of large-scale onshore, offshore and intertidal wind turbines, which are adaptable to a variety of global environmental conditions and wind resources.  Sinovel is also the first Chinese enterprise to have independently developed a series of 5MW and 6MW wind turbines. As of 2018, the cumulative installed generating capacity of Sinovel wind turbines reached a total of 16,524MW which ranked 4th in the domestic market, the cumulative installed offshore generating capacity of Sinovel wind turbines reached a total of 170MW, the cumulative installed generating capacity of Sinovel wind turbines in overseas market reached a total of 388.5MW.

                Sinovel is creating a "New Energy Integrated Solution Provider" as a core strategy, has placed "Responsibility, Regulation and Implementation" at the center of its corporate culture. Sinovel remains committed to offering cutting-edge technology, innovative products, professional service and exceptional management. It is through these core competencies that Sinovel has become a leading innovator in China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry:

                • Sinovel is the first company in China to have introduced globally-advanced MW-level wind turbine technologies, having developed a 1.5MW series of wind turbines adaptable to a global variety of wind resources and environmental conditions. Sinovel was also the first domestic enterprise to establish a complete supply chain for the localization and scale production of MW-level wind turbines.
                • Sinovel is the first Chinese turbine manufacturer to successfully research, develop and mass produce the global mainstream 3MW series of onshore, offshore and intertidal wind turbines with independent intellectual property rights.

                • Sinovel is the first Chinese enterprise to complete the development and production of 5MW and 6MW wind turbines with independent intellectual property rights.

                • Sinovel supplied all 34 sets of 3MW wind turbines for the Shanghai Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Farm project, which is the first offshore wind farm built outside of Europe and is also China's first offshore wind farm demonstration project. At present, all the units of this project have been through warranty period. Thus, the project has become the first domestic offshore wind power project which passed 5 years of operation tests and warranty period.

                • Sinovel is building the National Offshore Wind Power Technology and Equipment R&D Center, which features cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and specialized R&D laboratory capabilities. Sinovel is also pioneering the development of an integrated base for the manufacturing, assembly, testing, transportation and installation of large-scale offshore wind turbines.

                • Looking to the future, Sinovel remains unwavering in its commitment to innovation and its pursuit to bring cutting-edge products to market. Sinovel will continue to transcend across multiple fronts in its ongoing effort to create itself as the most competitive new energy integrated solution provider.

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